Meet Ian Foley: a journey from tattoo artist to passionate painter. From an early age, Ian was drawn to the world of art, earning recognition for his talent with an Iowa art award during high school. Despite a tempting art scholarship, he chose to dive into music and tattooing, eventually establishing himself as the owner of Area 51 Tattoo Studio in Cedar Falls in 2003.

But life had more twists in store. In 2018, fueled by a newfound faith and a stirring passion, Ian opened Foley Ink'd Tattoo Studio in Iowa Falls, later relocating to Hampton, Iowa after tying the knot with his wife, Hope Foley. It was here that Ian's latent desire to paint resurfaced, spurred on by a divine calling he couldn't ignore.

Despite initial resistance due to financial concerns, Ian's transition from tattooing to painting gained momentum, especially after a nerve condition forced him to halt tattooing in 2023. With his left hand impaired, but his right hand still able, Ian embraced painting wholeheartedly. As the saying goes, God works in mysterious ways — even if it means literally twisting Ian's arm to pursue his true passion.

Today, Ian Foley is a full-time fine arts painter, driven by a fervent dedication to create art for the glory of the Lord. Beyond his personal projects, Ian welcomes commission paintings and mural work, embracing each opportunity to spread his message through art.